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Rencontrez Angelique.

Ceramic Artist


Angelique Homberg, a talented ceramist born in 1967 and based in Amsterdam, is a true visionary in the world of ceramics. Having graduated from the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam with a specialisation in Ceramics Design, Angelique has honed her craft and developed a unique approach to her art.

Working primarily on a potter's wheel, Angelique's creative process is a fascinating blend of skill and intuition. Rather than sketching on paper, she allows the clay to guide her hands, focusing on the form and embracing the craft of turning. Her aim is to push the limits of shape, finding the delicate balance between a visually captivating piece and one that retains its utilitarian purpose.

Beyond her personal creations, Angelique Homberg possesses an extensive background in restoration work. She has breathed new life into a diverse range of objects, from broken sculptures to tile walls, showcasing her ability to revive and reimagine existing forms. Furthermore, Angelique welcomes collaborative projects, eagerly working with clients to bring their unique ideas and sketches to life.

But Angelique's artistic journey doesn't stop there. She is also a passionate teacher, offering workshops that cover various aspects of pottery, sculpting, and painted dishware. In her intimate studio located in the heart of Amsterdam, small groups have the opportunity to delve into the world of ceramics under her expert guidance. Participants not only learn the techniques and skills necessary to create their own masterpieces but also have the chance to return and glaze their pottery or sculpture, adding a personal touch and enhancing the final result.

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, Angelique hosts special events where participants can paint on hand-thrown dishware. Each stroke of the brush becomes a moment of self-expression, resulting in a unique piece that showcases both the individual's artistic style and Angelique's expert glazing techniques.