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Rencontrez Bella Jones Ceramics Studio.

Ceramic Artist


Bella's professional journey, which began in the fashion industry as a creative content maker and stylist, took a remarkable turn towards the world of ceramics. Initially a hobby, her passion for ceramics grew, leading her to establish the Bella Jones Ceramics Studio. This decision, catalysed by the shift in work-life balance during the pandemic, marked Bella's commitment to pursuing her dreams.

The Bella Jones Ceramics Studio embodies Bella's vision of a welcoming and relaxed learning environment. It is designed to be a sanctuary where students can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. The studio's atmosphere is intentionally informal and enjoyable, promoting an environment conducive to learning. This approach ensures that students absorb more information and techniques in a comfortable setting.

Bella and her team of experienced teachers, each boasting over four years of expertise in various ceramic disciplines, provide a wealth of knowledge. This diversity in experience means students are immersed in a learning space rich with ceramic wisdom, encouraging them to unleash their creativity.

When not engaged in teaching, Bella dedicates her time to the pottery wheel, crafting unique pieces and continually experimenting with new styles and glazes.

Additionally, the studio reflects Bella's personal life, welcoming Marlow, the resident pup, and being dog-friendly. Students are encouraged to bring their dogs to clay club and classes, further enhancing the studio's warm and inclusive atmosphere.