Create your own unique jewellery box

Amsterdam, Steigereiland

Discover the art of box making and craft your own jewellery box with Janine, bookbinder and box maker

Rencontrez Janine V
Bookbinder and Box Maker

3.5 hrs of learning with Janine

Knowledge in box making

Your own handmade jewellery box (6 x 6 x 5 cm)

50 €  / personne

Déroulement de l'atelier

If you have always wanted to create your own jewellery box, then this workshop is made for you!

Janine will guide you in the wonderful world of box making for a 3,5-hour-long workshop.

After a small introduction to box making, and the different tools that are used in this craftsmanship, it will be your time to shine!

You will start by choosing your favourite material among many possibilities (paper, linen, fake suede, etc.) in order to cover the cardboard pieces. Then, Janine will help you with the covering and assembling of your box.

You will finish by picking a cord and lovely beads to close it, and your jewellery box will be ready to keep all your favourite treasures safe!

Privatisez l'atelier

Privatisez cet atelier et profitez de ce moment convivial et hors du commun entre collègues ou entre amis :

Informations pratiques


2 - 4 pers.


Privat. possible

15 ans min.

Langues de l'atelier

Cet atelier est animé en English, Nederlands

Rencontrez Janine V.

Janine began her career as an illustrator, but soon became obsessed with bookbinding.

After a few years at the Art College, she began creating her own sketchbooks and taught herself bookbinding.

Boxes, cabinets, closets and drawers have always been a fascination. Her graduation project as an illustrator consisted in the creation of an art cabinet, inspired by 17th century cabinets of curiosities, containing a personal collection of curiosities and pieces of her own work (including sketchbooks, illustrations and a screen-printed travel journal).

Through bookbinding (making sketchbooks), she found her way into box making. Janine really enjoys the traditional side of the work, but also keeps her other passion going: story-telling. Her boxes are three-dimensional illustrations of tales and myths, music, animals, a lost love or a family story.

Lieu de l'atelier

L’atelier est facilement accessible en transport en commun.


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