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Silkscreen print your own design onto t-shirts

3.5 hours of discovery with Lauren

Knowledge in silk screen printing

Your silk screen printed t-shirts

75 €

par personne

L'atelier en détail

  • 3h30
  • 2 à 4 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating art of silk-screen printing with artist, Lauren. This hands-on workshop is held in our welcoming space, filled with inspiration and artistic energy.

    Under Lauren's expert guidance, you'll delve into the fascinating process of silk-screen printing. Learn about the tools and techniques that bring designs to life on t-shirts.

    Prior to the workshop, Lauren will connect with you via email, providing an opportunity for you to submit your design. This pre-workshop collaboration ensures your design is seamlessly translated into a film positive, ready to come to life on the printing frame when you arrive.

    During the workshop you will print up to 6 t-shirts, 1 of which is an organic cotton shirt provided to you on site, the other 5 are optional for you to bring along. 

    Lauren will teach you how to expose your design onto the silkscreen using light sensitive emulsion, so that multiple prints can be made in the print run. Then you will chose your ink from the vast collection, while considering your garments to create the best outcome possible. Lauren will teach you how to prepare your station ready to print, and how to pull prints for a perfect result. With Lauren's expert instruction, you'll master the art of preparing inks, setting up the frame, and executing the precise gestures of a skilled screen printer. 

    You will leave the workshop having discovered and experienced the main stages of screen printing, as well as with your unique visual on several t-shirts. 

    No materials necessary - 1 shirt is provided and the 5 extra you may bring along are optional. 

    Lieu de l'atelier

    The workshop is right in the Sluisbuurt area.

    Ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

    Informations complémentaires

    Langue d'animation


    Informations pratiques

    No previous experience is necessary, only a passion for creativity and a desire to explore the vibrant world of silk-screen printing.

    For your drawing or design, aim for an ideal resolution of 300 DPI at real size (fits inside an A4 = 20x28cm) in jpeg format. Lauren will send you a summary email with help and guidance, post-registration to ensure you have all the necessary details for your creative journey!

    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Lauren

    Rencontrez Lauren

    Silkscreen printer

    Step into the world of screen printing and let Lauren be your guide. With a background in illustration and a love for this unique art form, she brings a touch of magic to every creation.

    Lauren's journey began during her studies in illustration in England, where she discovered the captivating technique of screen printing. Since then, she has been honing her skills and developing her expertise in this field.

    Passionate about drawing and manufacturing, creativity runs deep in Lauren's veins. With a decade of experience in professional studios and her very own DIY basement, she has mastered the art of silk-screen printing. Now, she wants to share her knowledge and ignite the spark of creativity in others.

    In her vibrant studio, nestled within a shared space bustling with fellow artisans and artists, Lauren cultivates an atmosphere of inspiration. It's a place where imagination knows no bounds and where incredible collaborations are born.

    Describing Lauren as creative, fun, and passionate would only scratch the surface of her character. Her workshops are a testament to her dedication to spreading the joy of screen printing. She believes that creativity should be accessible to everyone, and her workshops are the perfect platform for individuals to explore their artistic potential.

    Join Lauren in her screen printing adventure and unleash your imagination. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner taking your first steps, her workshops will leave you inspired, empowered, and ready to create your own vibrant masterpieces.

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    75 €

    par personne