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Learn to turn your own vase

Wecandoo - Learn to turn your own vase - Image n°1
Wecandoo - Learn to turn your own vase - Image n°2
Wecandoo - Learn to turn your own vase - Image n°3
Wecandoo - Learn to turn your own vase - Image n°4
Wecandoo - Learn to turn your own vase - Image n°5
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3.5 hours initiation into wood turning

Skills to craft your own wooden vase

Your own handcrafted wooden vase to display proudly at home

150 €

par personne

L'atelier en détail

  • 3h30
  • 1 à 2 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Join this three and a half hour workshop to learn the art of woodturning and create your very own vase!

    During this workshop, you'll learn how to use a woodturning lathe and gouges to transform a piece of local wood from the Kempen into a beautiful wooden vase. You'll have the chance to work with both a small and large woodturning lathe, and Max will be there to guide you every step of the way.

    Max has carefully selected only the finest local wood for you to choose from, so you can be sure that your piece will be truly special.

    You will learn the basics of woodturning, first under the guidance of Max and later you can experiment all on your own! You will choose the shape of your vase and design them while turning. When you are happy with the shape only a quick sanding is needed to finish your creation. At the end of the day you take your very own woodturned creation home! You'll also learn about the importance of conservation and how to care for your new wooden creation.

    Throughout the workshop, Max will provide water and tea to keep you refreshed and energised. In the summer the big door of the workshop can be opened to let in the sunshine and in the winter a little stove will create warmth inside the shop.

    This is an immersive, hands-on experience that you won't want to miss.

    So come join us for a day of creativity, learning, and fun with Max. Discover the art of woodworking and leave with a unique vase that you can be proud of!

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    Ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

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    Throughout the 3.5 hour workshop, you'll have access to water and tea to keep you refreshed and energised. 

    Heated workshop in the winter.

    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Max

    Rencontrez Max

    Wood turner

    Meet Max, the artist whose passion for design and creativity has led him to create unique pieces of art that showcase the natural beauty of local wood species.

    Max's workshops are a testament to his commitment to sustainability and ecology. Each piece he creates is made from trees in the province of Antwerp that were either blown down or removed for other reasons, giving them a second life.

    Through his creations, Max offers a small oasis of tranquillity in our hectic society, inviting us to contemplate and enjoy the little things in life.

    But that's not all. Max also offers workshops in wood turning, where you can create your very own vase, bowl, or candle holder. These workshops take place in an outdoor workspace, featuring two woodturning machines. And to keep you refreshed during the workshops, tea and water are readily available.

    In the winter, the workshop can get chilly, but don't worry - Max has got you covered. He's installed a small fire pit to keep you warm and cosy while you work on your project.

    Join Max and discover the beauty and creativity of woodworking.

    6 commentaires

    Philip W

    Philip W


    Zeer toffe workshop. Passievolle ambachtsman. Zeker aan te raden om eens uit te proberen. 👍

    Jacqueline H

    Jacqueline H


    Hele aangename leerrijke namiddag Max is heel geduldig en een ervaren houtbewerker. Een echte aanrader!

    Eline D

    Eline D


    We hebben een hele fijne workshop gehad! Max legt alles heel goed uit, helpt waar nodig en geeft je ook voldoende vrijheid om zelf dingen te proberen! We zijn heel blij met ons resultaat en raden de workshops van Max zeker aan!

    Elke S

    Elke S


    We hebben enorm genoten van deze workshop en zijn super fier op de leuke vaasjes die we maakten onder de professionele begeleiding van Max. Met passie en veel geduld heeft Max ons alles uitgelegd. Zeker een aanrader!

    Nancy V

    Nancy V


    Max is een heel rustige, gepassioneerde coach die je stap voor stap begeleidt om je eigen creatie te verwezenlijken. Het was een versterkende ervaring!

    Arthur B

    Arthur B


    Ik vond deze workshop geweldig en heb de smaak helemaal te pakken. Max is een zeer goede leeraar en legt alles geduldig, helder en met passie uit. Bovendien een heel fijne kerel die weet waar hij mee bezig is. Dikke aanrader! Groetjes, Arthur

    150 €

    par personne