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Shape a pair of bowls on the potter's wheel

2 hours initiation with Vinicius & Eliz

Knowledge in the art of pottery

Your beautiful pair of hand crafted bowls

75 £

par personne

L'atelier en détail

  • 2h30
  • 4 participants max.
  • 15 ans min.
  • Unleash your creativity and embark on a captivating 2 hour ceramic journey with Vinicius and Eliz! In this workshop, you'll delve into the world of clay, discovering the art of pottery.

    Throughout your workshop, you'll be guided through the stages. Beginning with an introduction to ceramics, where Vinicius and Eliz share their insights on essential tools and techniques for working with clay. They'll make sure you feel confident and ready for the best part, working to make your ceramic piece!

    You will have a demonstration of the pinch pottery technique, preparing you to take on the challenge yourself. Then, with your tools in hand, you will shape and mould your very own object—a cup, a pot, or even a soap dish—bringing your vision to life. 

    Now, it's time to personalise your piece by choosing your glaze colour from the gorgeous options.

    Once your creation is complete, you will leave your object behind to undergo the important firing process. In 2-4 weeks, you'll be able to collect your fired creation. Please do remember to pick them up within 14 days.

    This experience is great if you would like an introduction to the world of clay, you will get to mix with like-minded creatives, learn a new skill, and bring something beautiful home!

    Lieu de l'atelier

    L’atelier est facilement accessible en transport en commun.

    Ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

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    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Vinicius & Eliz

    Rencontrez Vinicius & Eliz

    Ceramics artist and painter

    Vinicius Les is the powerhouse behind the studio he co-runs with his partner, Eliz Varga. Trained in ceramics from a young age by his father, Vinicius has perfected his craft with dedication. 

    Eliz, who discovered her creative calling later in life, adds her personal touch to the studio. Together, they form an artistic duo that captivates and inspires!

    But their craft practice is not the only aspect that sets them apart, Vinicius and Eliz are committed to their local community in Harrow. They firmly believe in equal opportunities for all and offer workshops that cater to individuals with disabilities and learning difficulties. Their studio is a sanctuary where creativity knows no boundaries, and where everyone can explore their artistic potential.

    Step into their studio, nestled in a serene neighbourhood, where you will be greeted by high ceilings and bright natural light. It provides the perfect backdrop for creativity! The couple make sure that everyone who enters their studio feels valued and inspired, it is a truly special place, spreading joy, creating connections, and making a positive impact on others' lives.

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    75 £

    par personne