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Learn to be creative with clay and make your own ceramic lamp

4 hours of discovery with Dilara

Knowledge in ceramics

Your own ceramic lamp

125 €

par personne

L'atelier en détail

  • 4h
  • 2 à 6 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Important: for this workshop there will be a short second session where you pick up the lamp after the firing process and assemble the lamp. More on this below. 

    This workshop, hosted by Dilara, offers an opportunity for participants to delve into the world of ceramics and lamp-making.

    Held over a span of four hours, the workshop introduces two distinct techniques for working with clay. The handform technique allows for the shaping of clay by hand, encouraging creative freedom and resulting in one-of-a-kind shapes and textures. Alternatively, the slab technique involves rolling out clay into flat sheets, cutting shapes to construct the lamp with more precision and uniformity. Under Dilara's guidance, trainees are meticulously walked through each step, ensuring that everyone creates a beautiful and functional lamp.

    Participants are invited to choose from five different glaze colours—white, dark blue, yellow, orange and green—to add a personal touch to their creations. Following the initial session, the pieces are left to dry and undergo a biscuit firing process, after which Dilara applies the chosen glaze.

    Approximately 5 weeks later, participants reconvene for the second part of the workshop, lasting 1.5 hours. This session is not just about admiring the glazed creations, but also about learning the technical aspects of lamp assembly. Skills taught include stripping cables, attaching light switches, connecting cable plugs, and inserting stripped copper wires into the socket. You'll plan this second session directly with Dilara.

    This workshop caters to all skill levels, whether one is a beginner or an experienced artist. By the end of this session, each participant will have successfully created a lamp from scratch and will be equipped with newfound skills.

    Lieu de l'atelier

    Dilara's workshop is located in Maakgemeenschap De Hoop.

    Ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

    Informations complémentaires

    Langues d'animation


    Informations pratiques

    Complimentary water, drinks and tasty snacks will be provided during the workshop to keep you refreshed and hydrated.

    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Dilara

    Rencontrez Dilara

    Ceramic Artist

    Dilara is a dedicated artisan who, after completing her art education at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in Fine Arts in 2017, has embarked on an enriching journey in the realm of ceramics. Her passion for this medium blossomed in 2020, leading her to independently master the intricate aspects of ceramic arts, including wheel-throwing, mould-making, and the nuanced behaviour of glazes.

    Dilara's expertise has been recognised through commissioned work for both large and small companies, showcasing her versatility and skill in the field.

    In early 2023, Dilara found a new creative sanctuary in an inspiring studio located in the artist community of Broedplaats Maakgemeenschap de Hoop in Zaandam. In her studio, Dilara is constantly experimenting with innovative and playful shapes and colours, infusing each piece with life and energy.

    More than just creating unique ceramic works, Dilara is deeply invested in the artistic community. She takes great joy in witnessing the reflection of individual personalities in their creations.

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    125 €

    par personne