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Get to know the pottery wheel over 2 sessions

2 immersion sessions with Kim

Knowledge of ceramics

Your unique bowl

159 €

par personne

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L'atelier en détail

  • 2j
  • 2 à 4 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Discover the magic of the wheel in Kim's studio !

    During two sessions of 2,5 hours, the ceramist will guide you through all the steps allowing you to create your own bowl.

    The first session will be dedicated to discovering the pottery wheel. You will learn how to manipulate clay to remove all air bubbles and make it more malleable before you begin working on it. You will then discover how the potter's wheel works, first centring the piece before adding height to it. Finally, you will be able to give it the shape you want by following the movement of the clay.

    The second course will take place one week later, at the same time and day as the first course. Your creation will have started to dry, and you will then move on to the finishing stages.

    Kim will then take care of the firing. A few weeks later, you will be able to collect your pieces.

    The price of the workshop includes the number of days defined in the description. The booking on the Wecandoo website allows you to schedule only the date of the first session. All following sessions must be planned directly with the artisan. If the days are consecutive, the next workshop will automatically take place the day after the first day booked.

    Lieu de l'atelier

    The workshop is easily accessible by public transport.

    Ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

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    Informations pratiques

    The workshop takes place at Contact Amsterdam, an incubator of artists and artisans. 

    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Kim

    Rencontrez Kim


    Kim studied illustration at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. After completing her studies in both art academy and ceramics, she delved into the world of clay. During and alongside her studies, she worked in the specialty coffee industry where she not only learned the value of good food and drink but also the importance of well-designed ceramics.

    It was during her final year of study that she discovered her passion for ceramics. After graduation, she began working as a mentor at Studio Pansa, a ceramics workshop in Amsterdam Oost. There, she honed her skills through courses and answered the many questions of members. In a short period, she gained vast knowledge about the craft. She decided to focus entirely on her ceramics and illustration work as a freelancer, leaving her job in the hospitality industry. 

    Kim now works daily in her studio in Amsterdam Nieuw-West at Contact Amsterdam, where she not only creates ceramics but also teaches pottery classes. 

    Her love for ceramics shines through in her work, and her talent is evident in the unique pieces she creates. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced potter, Kim's workshops are a great way to learn new techniques and get creative with clay.

    If you are looking to explore your creative side or want to learn the art of pottery, be sure to check out Kim's ceramic workshops ! 

    3 commentaires

    Carmen G

    Carmen G


    Kim is top! Ik heb genoten van de workshop, twee volledige avonden lekker bezig, veel geleerd maar toch ontspannen en gezellig. Bedankt en tot gauw

    Hannie W

    Hannie W


    Kim geeft geweldig goed les. Een rustige duidelijke manier van lesgeven maakt dat deze workshop voor iedereen goed te volgen is. In de volgende sessie maken wij de bakjes stook klaar. Maar in de ruwe vorm zien ze er al heel mooi uit.

    Andrea C

    Andrea C


    Heel fijne workshop, uitstekende uitleg van Kim en gezellige sfeer in een klein groepje.

    159 €

    par personne