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Discover wheel throwing and create your own pot

2.5 hours of discovery with Florence

Knowledge in ceramics

Your hand crafted pot

79 £

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L'atelier en détail

  • 2h30
  • 2 participants max.
  • 15 ans min.
  • Unlock your inner artist under the expert guidance of Florence in a captivating pottery workshop that celebrates the age-old art of slab building techniques.

    Florence will begin with an introduction to her studio and will provide an overview of the processes, tools and techniques behind the ancient craft of ceramics. Florence will then perform a live demonstration, showing you how to create your own mug using the slab building technique.

    Now it's your turn to get creative! With Florence's expert guidance, you'll embark on the journey of crafting your very own mug. Select the shape and size of your finished creation and get involved with rolling out and cutting slabs of clay to mould into your cup. Use the tools provided to carve intricate patterns, craft quirky handles, and choose from a range of coloured paints to decorate with.

    Once you have created your masterpiece you will leave it with Florence to glaze and fire it in the kiln up to 1240 degrees Celsius! Florence will either ship to you or you can collect your finished mug in around 4 weeks time.

    The workshop ends with a brief clean down of the studio. Aprons will be provided to protect your clothes, ensuring that the hands-on artistic journey remains a delightful experience.

    Lieu de l'atelier

    L’atelier est facilement accessible en transport en commun.

    Ce lieu est accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

    Informations complémentaires

    Langue d'animation


    Informations pratiques

    To participate in this workshop, please plan to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the practice and cleaning at the end of the session. It is also advisable to have short nails and tied-up hair. If possible, consider bringing your own apron.

    Please note that there is a risk of breakage during the firing process. These are inherent uncertainties of the craft, and the artisan cannot be held responsible.

    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Florence

    Rencontrez Florence


    Discover the world of ceramics with Florence, a creative force with a passion for sculptural expression through clay.

    Florence's artistic journey began with a Fine Art degree from Wimbledon College of Art, followed by an  MA from the renowned Slade School of Fine Art. It was here that ceramics first captured her imagination, intertwining with her sculptural practice. The pandemic served as a catalyst for change, propelling Florence to immerse herself in ceramics, culminating in a flourishing career shift.

    Starting as a sculpture and installation artist, Florence crafted monumental, site-specific installations using various materials. She also honed her skills in exhibition management at art galleries. As her passion for ceramics deepened, Florence's sculptor background now influences her vibrant, sculptural ceramic designs, breathing life into everyday objects.

    Florence's ceramics champion conscious living, individuality and originality, urging us to reject mass-produced items in favour of supporting local artisans. Through her work, she encourages us to embrace slow shopping, invest in handmade pieces, and celebrate the beauty of unique creations.

    Running workshops is Florence's way of merging her love for ceramics with a desire to inspire others. Sharing knowledge and fostering creativity is her driving force. Guiding individuals to explore their artistic side, learn new skills, and experience the joy of creation is what motivates her.

    Florence's ceramic designs embody a vibrant celebration of colour, texture, and form. Each piece exudes playfulness and tactile charm, bringing a splash of happiness to daily life.

    Step into one of Florence's workshops and embark on a journey of creativity and learning. In a relaxed and enjoyable environment, participants discover new techniques, explore their artistic potential, and create something tangible. Florence's workshops provide a window into the world of ceramics, offering accessible introductions to different techniques that can lay the foundation for further exploration.

    2 commentaires

    Elisa A

    Elisa A


    Thank you Florence for an amazing workshop. Your patience and clear and concise teaching style made the workshop so much fun x You filled me with confidence, and I left feeling like I had accomplished and learnt so much. Thank you

    Dominic F

    Dominic F


    We had such a wonderful experience with Florence’s patient and expert guidance. We would recommend this to anyone! Florence even sent us the finished bowls that we created!

    79 £

    par personne