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Discover linocutting and decorate a t-shirt or tote bag

3 hours of discovery and creation with Samantha

Knowledge in lino cutting and block printing

Your beautiful block-printed t-shirt or tote bag

75 €

par personne

L'atelier en détail

  • 3h
  • 2 à 6 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Welcome to Samantha's workshop where the ancient art of hand block printing comes to life. 

    As you enter, you will be greeted by Samantha herself, a master artisan with a passion for preserving traditional techniques. 

    Take a moment to listen to the history of block printing : an ancient technique that originated in the heartlands of China, Japan and India.

    Then it's time to get down to business! Sitting at a rustic wooden table, surrounded by linoleum blocks and carving tools, Samantha will guide you through the process and encourage you to let your imagination run wild. 

    Got a little sketch to hand? Perfect! It'll be the starting point for your unique creation. Not sure where to start? No worries - Samantha is here to inspire and guide you.

    With your design in hand, it's time to carve. You will feel the satisfaction of seeing your vision take shape on the surface of the block. Once carved, it's time for the main event - printing. Choose between a T-shirt or a tote bag, made from 100% organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, fair trade and vegan.

    Then you dip your block in water-based inks and gently press it onto the fabric. The beauty of block printing is that no two prints are ever exactly the same. 

    But the journey doesn't end there. After printing, it's time to set your creation on fire - not literally, of course! You will use a heat press to make sure your print will stand the test of time.

    As the workshop draws to a close, take a moment to admire your handiwork. Not only will you have created a beautiful garmenta, but you will be able to take the block you have created home with you and print it on whatever you want!

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    Accessible en transports en commun

    Ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

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    Note: You can make a small drawing (about 6cm x 4cm) before the workshop to use as a starting point for the sculpture. You could also think of a design you would like to create beforehand.

    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Samantha

    Rencontrez Samantha


    Enter Samantha's world where ethical fashion meets traditional craftsmanship. With over 20 years experience, Samantha is an artisan master of hand-printed clothing and accessories.In her cosy studio, Samantha preserves the authenticity of traditional hand-block printing. Starting with inspiration, she carves designs onto blocks and skilfully transforms fabric into wearable art.

    Samantha has shown her creations throughout Northeast America, earning praise for their uniqueness and ethical production.

    Now she invites you to explore her collection in her Amsterdam store, embodying individuality and conscious living. 

    What makes Samantha special is her passion for sharing her craft. Through workshops, she promotes connection and the joy of creating by hand.

    Join Samantha on a journey of discovery and delight where fashion meets art!

    1 commentaire

    Eliska B

    Eliska B


    This workshop was such a nice surprise! Samantha welcomed us with cake and coffee/tea in her beautiful boutique and not only shared her years of expertise but also made us feel at home. We could each print several items (you can bring your own piece of clothing or purchase another for a small additional price), which was a nice surprise as well. Not to mention all the pieces are organic! (The value for money is therefore incredible. I felt like the price barely covered the cost of the materials.) All in all, absolutely lovely. Would definitely recommend!

    75 €

    par personne