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Discover how to make mochi with Florian

2h30 of discovery with Florian

Knowledge in mochi making

Your delicious box of six frozen iced mochi

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L'atelier en détail

  • 2h30
  • 5 à 12 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Join an exciting culinary experience with Florian, a Swiss-British pastry chef renowned for his expertise in fusing traditional Japanese mochi with western flavors. 

    Drawing on his culinary journey from Brussels to Taipei, Florian will introduce you to Mochiya - a blend of tradition and creativity.

    The workshop will begin with an overview of the brand and Florian's culinary approach. Florian will then demonstrate how to make mochi dough, explaining the process step by step. You'll have the chance to try your hand at making your own, beofre using pre-made dough to make your mochi. 

    Next, you'll explore three different mochi flavors together. From classic to innovative, each mochi promises a unique taste experience. And of course, no mochi session is complete without tea! Tea enthusiast Florian will guide you through a tasting session, pairing tea with your mochi creations.

    Before you leave, don't forget to take home a box of six more frozen mochi - a delicious treat to enjoy later.

    Join Florian's Mochiya workshop, for a fun and educational experience that celebrates the art of mochi making. 

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    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Florian

    Rencontrez Florian

    Pastry Chef

    Florian is a Swiss-British pastry chef with a diverse culinary background. Since 2016, Florian has travelled the world, teaching pastry making, consulting and catering. Then, in 2022, he moved to London where he met Shuji and Adam. The three of them recognised the growing trend for mochi in the UK, and together they founded 'Mochiya', their now thriving mochi brand.

    Florian's unique flair lies in his innovative mochi recipe development, with over 30 different types which combine traditional Japanese methods with Western flavours.

    In addition, Florian is a tea connoisseur, he's an expert in blending and tasting. He pairs his mochi creations with complementary teas to enhance the experience.

    So take a trip around the world in Florians inspiring cookery class and tea tasting!

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    69 £

    par personne