Create your wooden lamp using a laser cutter

Amsterdam, Westpoort

Discover the world of laser cutting and create your own wooden lamp with Rutger, woodworker

3 hours of learning with Rutger

Knowledge in woodworking

Your wooden lamp

90 €  / personne

Déroulement de l'atelier

Enter Contact Amsterdam and discover the world of makerspaces, where crafts and digital technology meet.

During 3 hours, Rutger will teach you how to create your own lamp in poplar wood using the workshop's laser cutter!

You will start by designing your lamp: either choosing from one of his pre-existing designs, or create your own. Rutger will guide you with the drawing of your sketches, each step of the way.

Finally, it will be time to transform your idea into reality! Rutger will explain everything you need to know about the laser cutter, which will be cutting the wood into all the different parts making up your lamp.

You will then assemble them and add the final touches to your creation. Your new lamp will be ready to shine bright and find its spot on your shelves at home!

This is the perfect workshop for those wanting to gain an insight into makerspaces, as well as crafting their own stylish wooden lamp!

Privatisez l'atelier

Privatisez cet atelier et profitez de ce moment convivial et hors du commun entre collègues ou entre amis :

Informations pratiques


2 - 4 pers.


Privat. possible

15 ans min.

Langues de l'atelier

Cet atelier est animé en English, Nederlands

Rencontrez Rutger O.

Rutger has worked in several makerspaces and specialised in conceiving and developing prototypes. He enjoys combining the use of traditional techniques with digital manufacturing techniques, such as laser cutting and CNC milling.

In 2019, he attended the 'Fab Academy: How to make almost everything' program, where he acquired precious knowledge about digital fabrication.

Rutger is now running the makerspace at Contact Amsterdam - House of Creators, a buzzing creative community where craftspeople, artists, designers and students meet, learn and create together.

Aside from his work at Contact Amsterdam, he’s also working as a coach in “making” education, teaching kids about digital fabrication, crafts, and creative practices of all kinds.

His extensive knowledge makes him the perfect coach to help anyone transform their ideas into reality, using all the various tools available at Contact Amsterdam.

Lieu de l'atelier

L’atelier est facilement accessible en transport en commun.


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